This is a particularly exciting time for us at Solvoyo. We continue to disrupt the Supply Chain Planning (SCP) industry with our vision to enable autonomous supply chains for any customer that wants to do so. Solvoyo’s end-to-end cloud based platform leverages a unique combination of AI, machine learning and optimization algorithms. Solvoyo makes it easy for customers to accelerate their SCP digital transformation journey, regardless of their current state. From digital to intelligent to autonomous.

Job Description:

As an experienced frontend developer, you’ll play an important role in the development of new modules and applications.

It’s your role to ensure the developed product conforms to modern design rules (UI), and have a better user experience (UX).

We expect from you to implement responsive web design principles to ensure that our web applications renders well across multiple devices and screen resolutions.

You will be mainly responsible for building the 'client-side' of our web applications.

You should be able to translate our company and customer needs into functional and appealing interactive applications.

We expect you to be a tech-savvy professional, who is curious about new digital technologies and aspires to combine usability with visual design.


  • Expertise in writing semantic, well-formed HTML5 markup
  • Expertise in crafting CSS3 that brings rich interfaces to life
  • Demonstrated experience developing complex interactions and/or applications with JavaScript


  • Min. 4 years of experience in standards-based, cross-browser, multi-form factor development and responsive design
  • Strong understanding of JavaScript frameworks and libraries (ReactJS, jQuery, Angular, Ember or VueJS)
  • Strong understanding of back-end basics: WCF, web servers, cookies, databases, REST APIs
  • Strong understanding of version control systems (SVN, Git)
  • Strong understanding of MVC and OOP design patterns and best practices
  • Strong understanding of CSS Preprocessors (LESS, SASS) and Frameworks (Bootstrap, Foundation)
  • Strong attention to detail and excellent documentation skills
  • Able to work in a creative, multidisciplinary environment
  • It is a plus to have certificates for Microsoft - Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3
  • It is a plus to have ExtJS experience.